Our Products

AuDoServ® offers a full suite of tools and API integration that include BID ASSISTANT™ and DIRECT TO RECYCLER™. Digital title procurement, Automated Alerts, real time tracking, robust reporting and analytics; are all accessible from a simple and sleek interface that's designed for use by both PC’s and mobile devices.

Product Features


The industry’s only online tool where you can submit automated bids using a variety of options including, but not limited to, Year, Make, Model, Engine Type, EV, Hybrid, Curb Weight and Catalytic Converter count. Recyclers, dismantlers and scrappers can easily customize their offers by utilizing BID ASSISTANT™ choosing pricing criteria, and then applying them to preferred auctions and/or our DIRECT TO RECYCLER™ program. A tool that saves time and resources while creating confidence behind the bid.

Currently over a million bids have been processed for our partners licensing BID ASSISTANT™. Our largest partner to date, Insurance Auto Auctions, utilizes BID ASSISTANT™ as the engine for their CUSTOM BID™ tool.


Powered by BID ASSISTANT™, the DIRECT TO RECYCLER™ program is designed to make the buyingand selling of inoperable vehicles simple and efficient. Sellers receive competitive offers while buyers receive desired inventory, with minimal fees, delivered directly to them. AuDoServ® robust CRM tool processes the transaction by overseeing the title work, transportation and accounting. A true Win-Win solution for both buyers and sellers of inoperable units.


A powerful CRM solution that works for you. Your business is in our DNA, so we understand your problems and have the product features to help you solve them. We put everything happening in the field at your fingertips so you can manage inventory, schedules, and customers, all in real time.


Accept Bids, take orders, customer info, updates and more off your desk and organize it all in one place.


Simplify how you price, schedule, assign vehicles and track progress, no matter how many customers you deal with.


Automation! Be more productive by simplifying, organizing and managing your day-to-day operations.

AuDoServ® will send automated reminders, updates and information to you and your customers by email and/or SMS text message. These features improve operator and management efficiency, while greatly reducing cancellation rates and operating costs. Supporting customer operations and increasing your profits is our primary focus. Our industry knowledge, business know-how and software expertise will make your organization and business even more successful.

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