Company Profile

AuDoServ is a powerful, user-friendly Logistics Management System that was designed to increase transparency while tightening the link between remarketers and their customers. Offering an industry leading host of features in a scalable web-based environment, AuDoServ simplifies inventory management by offering a platform for consignors of all types; auctions, tow vendors and the general public to track and exchange vehicle data. Providing remarkable customer service is the essence of AuDoServ. Your customers want, need and increasingly expect this. If they do not receive it, they will look to take their business elsewhere. AuDoServ allows remarketers to maximize asset returns by reducing cancellations while increasing efficiency and avoiding costly IT expenditures. Its Technology Connecting What Matters.

Our Products

AuDoServ offers a full suite of tools that include I-Tow Management with mobile App accessibility, Automated Alerts, user-friendly procurement with real time tracking, robust reporting and analytics; all from a simple and sleek interface that's accessible from any computer or mobile device.

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