Company Profile

AuDoServ® is a powerful CRM tool, that was designed to increase transparency while tightening the link between remarketers and their customers. Offering an industry leading host of features in a scalable web-based environment, AuDoServ® simplifies inventory management by offering a platform and API integration for consignors of all types; auctions, tow vendors, recyclers and the general public to track and exchange vehicle data and pricing. Providing remarkable customer service is the essence of AuDoServ®. Your customers want, need and increasingly expect this. If they do not receive it, they will look to take their business elsewhere. AuDoServ® allows remarketers to maximize asset returns by reducing cancellations while increasing efficiency, profits and customer service. All while avoiding costly IT expenditures. Its Technology Connecting What Matters.

Our Products

AuDoServ® offers a full suite of tools and API integration that include BID ASSISTANT™ and DIRECT TO RECYCLER™. Digital title procurement, Automated Alerts, real time tracking, robust reporting and analytics; are all accessible from a simple and sleek interface that's designed for use by both PC’s and mobile devices.


The industry’s only online tool where you can submit automated bids using a variety of options including, but not limited to, Year, Make, Model, Engine Type, EV, Hybrid, Curb Weight and Catalytic Converter count. Recyclers, dismantlers and scrappers can easily customize their offers by utilizing BID ASSISTANT™ choosing pricing criteria, and then applying them to preferred auctions and/or our DIRECT TO RECYCLER™ program. A tool that saves time and resources while creating confidence behind the bid.

Currently over a million bids have been processed for our partners licensing BID ASSISTANT™. Our largest partner to date, Insurance Auto Auctions, utilizes BID ASSISTANT™ as the engine for their CUSTOM BID™ tool.


Powered by BID ASSISTANT™, the DIRECT TO RECYCLER™ program is designed to make the buyingand selling of inoperable vehicles simple and efficient. Sellers receive competitive offers while buyers receive desired inventory, with minimal fees, delivered directly to them. AuDoServ® robust CRM tool processes the transaction by overseeing the title work, transportation and accounting. A true Win-Win solution for both buyers and sellers of inoperable units.

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